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Protecting our Elders from Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Throughout Illinois


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Chicago, IL Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyers

Attorneys Fighting for Victims of Nursing Home Negligence in Cook County and throughout Illinois

At Schwartz Injury Law, our mission is to hold nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehab facilities, and other types of long-term care institutions fully accountable when they mistreat our honored elders. We have an entire team dedicated to nursing home neglect and abuse, and our team has extensive experience and vast knowledge of this area of the law.

We work collaboratively on each case, and we put our in-depth experience to work to provide the skilled representation our clients deserve. We also work closely with a team of nurses, physicians, and other professionals who can be called upon as expert witnesses. Nursing home negligence and elder abuse is the primary focus of our legal practice, and we have the resources, skills, and dedication to ensure that our clients are fully compensated for their injuries.

Experience that Makes the Difference

Nursing home negligence and abuse is usually the result of inadequate staffing, poorly trained staff, poor management, and problems that stem from these issues. We have seen just about every issue that can arise in a nursing home setting. Some of the most common include:

Most of the life-threatening injuries and fatalities that occur in nursing homes are not one-time events. They usually happen over time, and there are typically multiple contributing factors. Our nursing home team is able to thoroughly review the facility records and quickly identify common (and often overlooked) factors that are strong indications of neglect or abuse. These factors can often make the difference in obtaining a favorable verdict or settlement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of confusion about nursing home abuse and neglect cases. In fact, one of the major reasons elderly residents are so susceptible to mistreatment in nursing facilities is they are often unable to fight back. Our mission is to provide a strong voice for the most vulnerable in our society, so those responsible for this egregious conduct are held to account.

Nursing home residents and family members often have questions regarding what rights nursing facility residents have, how to go about reporting abuse and neglect, what signs and symptoms to look for, and many others. We have compiled a list of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about nursing home abuse and neglect.

What are the rights of Illinois nursing home residents?
If I suspect nursing home abuse or neglect, what are my options?
Who can file a lawsuit against a nursing home in Illinois?
How can an Illinois nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer help me?
I cannot afford an attorney. How can I file a claim?
Have additional questions?

Nursing Home Care Act

Nursing homes and other institutions that are defined as long-term care facilities in Illinois must be in compliance with the Nursing Home Care Act. There are several residents' rights specified in the Act, including the right to be free from abuse or neglect, the right to manage their own financial affairs, the right to be free from unreasonable restraint, the right to have their own doctor, and, if they are capable, the right to refuse medical treatment. The Act also allows nursing home residents to seek damages resulting from any violations of their rights.

The elderly are especially vulnerable to severe injuries due to neglect or abuse, and when a nursing facility is in violation of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, it puts its residents in serious danger. If you or a loved one has suffered injury or wrongful death in violation of the Act, you may be entitled to compensation.

Meet Our Team

Attorneys Group Photo
Attorneys Group Photo

Our nursing home team is headed by Paul D. Richter, an award-winning attorney who has over two decades of personal injury and wrongful death litigation experience. For the past several years, Paul's primary area of focus has been protecting the rights of victims of nursing home neglect and abuse. Since focusing in this area of the law, Paul has obtained in excess of $15 million in damages for his clients. He is a member of several state bar associations, has been recognized as a Super Lawyer in the state, and enjoys a 10.0 (superb) Avvo rating.

There are four other attorneys on our nursing home team: Eva Golabek, Jacqueline Brody Kanter, and Caitlin Finnegan. Each are focused on nursing home negligence and abuse law, and they work collaboratively alongside a team of paralegals, legal assistants, and health professionals to deliver justice for those who are mistreated in Illinois nursing homes.

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