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When elderly Illinois residents need help with some of their day-to-day needs, many turn to assisted living facilities. Although residents of such facilities are generally in better health than those in nursing homes, they still depend on the staff for much of their care. When a facility has inadequate staffing and/or is poorly managed, the residents are at risk of neglect or abuse. In such cases, an assisted living lawsuit may be the only way to obtain appropriate relief.

At Schwartz Injury Law, we have a strong track record of success with assisted living lawsuits in Illinois. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of this area of the law, and what it takes to ensure that those responsible for negligence and abuse are held fully accountable. Our team works collaboratively on each case, and we have the experience, resources, and dedication necessary to ensure that our clients are fully compensated for their injuries.

Assisted Living Facility Lawsuits in Illinois

Assisted living facilities are governed by the Illinois Assisted Living and Shared Housing Act. Under this law, such facilities are required to protect residents from harm and provide a safe living environment. In addition, assisted living facilities are not allowed to accept a resident or keep them in their facility if they require a level of care the facility is not licensed or able to provide.

When a facility does not live up to its obligations under the law, residents are subjected to substandard conditions, which can lead to:

Assisted living lawsuits for negligence or abuse can be quite complicated, as many of the issues that form the basis for legal action are not one-time occurrences; they develop over time and could be caused by multiple factors. For this reason, it is important to work with lawyers who have extensive experience with these types of cases.

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At Schwartz Injury Law, we have handled countless lawsuits for clients who have suffered harm as residents of assisted living facilities. We have witnessed virtually every scenario that can occur in this setting, and we know the important, and often overlooked, factors that often make the difference between the success and failure when filing a legal action. If you or a loved one has been the victim of abuse or negligence inside an Illinois assisted living facility, contact our office today at 312-535-4625 for a free consultation. We serve clients in Chicago, Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, Lake County, Will County, Winnebago County, and throughout Illinois.

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