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When a loved one enters a nursing home or assisted living facility, the last thing you expect is that they will suffer from dehydration or malnutrition. Food and liquid are basic human needs, and if our elders are not receiving this minimum level of care, it is inhumane and purely negligent. In facilities where this is occurring, it may also point to a more widespread pattern of nursing home abuse and neglect.

At Schwartz Injury Law, we understand the outrage family members feel when they learn that their aging loved ones are suffering from dehydration or other forms of elder abuse inside a nursing facility. Our team has extensive experience in this area of the law, and we have the knowledge, resources, and dedication to ensure that victims of abuse and neglect are fully compensated. We have seen nearly every issue that can come up in a nursing home setting, and we know the important clues to look for during our investigation that can often make the difference between the success or failure of a case.

Dehydration in Illinois Nursing Homes

In the early 2000s, a National Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home Reform study found that at least one third of the nursing home residents in the U.S. suffer from dehydration or malnutrition, and in some facilities, the number may be as high as 85%. This problem is largely due to inadequate staffing, which causes staff to neglect the basic needs of their patients. Medication errors are another major contributor, as many medications must be taken with a large amount of liquid in order for the patient to stay hydrated.

There are several potential signs that a nursing home patient may be suffering from dehydration. Some signs of moderate dehydration include:

  • Feeling thirsty
  • Feeling dry or sticky inside the mouth
  • Darker colored urine
  • Urinating less frequently than usual
  • Severe headaches
  • Muscle cramps
  • Dry and cool skin

Some signs of more severe dehydration include:

  • Becoming dizzy or light-headed
  • Skin that is dryer and more shriveled
  • Fatigue/lack of energy
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Rapid breathing
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Inflammation of the eyes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Losing consciousness

When dehydration is left unaddressed, it can lead to more severe and life-threatening conditions. If you or a loved one is suffering from dehydration at an Illinois nursing home, report it to the Illinois Department of Health at 800-252-4343. Once it has been reported, call us to discuss your legal options.

Speak with a Compassionate Cook County Nursing Home Dehydration Lawyer

Dehydration typically happens over time, and there are often numerous contributing factors. This makes these types of cases more complicated and challenging to pursue. At Schwartz Injury Law, we have a successful track record with even the most complex cases, and we know what it takes to ensure that those responsible for nursing home negligence and abuse are held fully accountable. To schedule a free consultation with our office, contact us today at 312-535-4625. We serve clients in Chicago, Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, Lake County, Will County, Winnebago County, and throughout Illinois.

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