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Rockford Nursing Home Injury Attorney

Winnebago County Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers for Patients Injured Due to Abuse or Neglect in Illiinois

Elderly or disabled people are among the most vulnerable in our society. As they get older, many people will require assistance to meet their ongoing, daily needs, and families will often rely on nursing homes and assisted living facilities to provide the proper care. Unfortunately, there are far too many situations where residents at these facilities suffer harm due to abuse or neglect. Families who believe that a loved one has been injured because of the negligence of a nursing home will want to determine their options, and they can do so by working with an attorney who has experience in these types of cases.

Schwartz Injury Law provides representation for families who have been affected by nursing home negligence, helping them take legal action against facilities that allowed abuse to occur or failed to provide the proper care. Our team takes a collaborative approach to these cases, utilizing our extensive experience in matters involving personal injuries and negligence by medical providers and healthcare facilities. We work with a variety of medical experts such as doctors and nurses to gain insight into a case and establish liability for injuries suffered by patients. We have the knowledge, resources, and dedication to help a family successfully hold a negligent nursing home responsible for injuries caused by neglect or abuse.

Addressing Multiple Forms of Abuse and Neglect at Nursing Homes

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehab facilities, and other institutions that provide long-term care have a legal obligation to provide residents with care that meets certain standards. Unfortunately, many facilities fail to meet these requirements due to understaffing, lack of proper training for staff members, improper management practices, and other issues that affect the safety and health of patients. In these cases, patients may suffer life-threatening injuries due to:

  • Elder abuse - Nursing home residents may suffer abuse at the hands of staff members or other patients. This may include physical abuse in which staff members strike, slap, or shove patients, as well as verbal and emotional abuse or financial exploitation. Some patients may also experience unreasonable restraint, which may include physical restraints meant to keep them confined to a bed or chair or chemical restraints such as sedatives. Sadly, residents may also be the victims of sexual abuse, and in some cases, patients with Alzheimer's disease or dementia are targeted because an abuser believes that they will not be able to tell others about what has happened.
  • Dangerous conditions - There are a variety of hazards that may cause nursing home patients to suffer injuries. Slippery floors or tripping hazards may lead to fall injuries and serious fractures. Residents may also suffer burn injuries due to fires, spilled food or drinks, or excessively hot showers or baths.
  • Lack of proper care - Nursing home neglect can result in a variety of injuries if patients are not properly monitored and provided with the necessary care. Unattended patients may suffer from bed sores or other conditions that may lead to infections or sepsis, or they may experience choking, malnutrition, or dehydration. Patients may also be injured due to lack of medical care, misdiagnosis of serious medical conditions, or medication errors.
  • Inadequate supervision - Inadequate staffing or negligence by staff members may lead to wandering and elopement, or a patient may be placed at risk of abuse by other residents.

Contact Our Rockford Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers

Our team understands that injuries caused by nursing home abuse or neglect are usually not isolated incidents. In many cases, a facility will have a history of negligence or continued issues involving understaffing or improper care. We can review patient records and reports of violations, and we will work to establish that a resident was injured due to negligence in providing the proper care and supervision. To set up a free consultation and learn how we can help address injuries caused by nursing home abuse or neglect, contact us at 312-535-4625.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of confusion about nursing home abuse and neglect cases. In fact, one of the major reasons elderly residents are so susceptible to mistreatment in nursing facilities is they are often unable to fight back. Our mission is to provide a strong voice for the most vulnerable in our society, so those responsible for this egregious conduct are held to account.

Nursing home residents and family members often have questions regarding what rights nursing facility residents have, how to go about reporting abuse and neglect, what signs and symptoms to look for, and many others. We have compiled a list of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about nursing home abuse and neglect.

What are the rights of Illinois nursing home residents?
If I suspect nursing home abuse or neglect, what are my options?
Who can file a lawsuit against a nursing home in Illinois?
How can an Illinois nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer help me?
I cannot afford an attorney. How can I file a claim?
Have additional questions?

Meet Our Team

Attorneys Group Photo
Attorneys Group Photo

Our nursing home team is headed by Paul D. Richter, an award-winning attorney who has over two decades of personal injury and wrongful death litigation experience. For the past several years, Paul's primary area of focus has been protecting the rights of victims of nursing home neglect and abuse. Since focusing in this area of the law, Paul has obtained in excess of $15 million in damages for his clients. He is a member of several state bar associations, has been recognized as a Super Lawyer in the state, and enjoys a 10.0 (superb) Avvo rating.

There are four other attorneys on our nursing home team: Eva Golabek, Jacqueline Brody Kanter, and Caitlin Finnegan. Each are focused on nursing home negligence and abuse law, and they work collaboratively alongside a team of paralegals, legal assistants, and health professionals to deliver justice for those who are mistreated in Illinois nursing homes.

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