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Common Injuries in Illinois Assisted Living Facilities

 Posted on September 28, 2021 in Nursing Home Abuse

Chicago Assisted Living Neglect LawyersResidents of assisted living facilities may not require the same level of care and attention as nursing home residents, but they still rely on facility staff to help with many of their personal needs and maintain a safe and healthy living environment. Unfortunately, this means that some assisted living residents suffer from the effects of neglect when facility staff fail to attend to their needs. Just like nursing home residents, assisted living residents may be entitled to compensation for damages suffered due to negligence in their facilities.

Assisted Living Facility Injuries

Many injuries suffered in assisted living facilities are related to neglect or negligence. One common example is an injury resulting from a fall, like broken bones or a head injury. Some residents are at risk of falling within their living quarters, and they may be unable to get up without assistance. When facility staff fails to respond promptly, the effects of a fall injury can get worse, and the resident may also develop pressure sores from laying in the same place for hours or days. Residents may also suffer fall injuries due to hazards in common areas throughout the facility, such as wet floors, loose debris, and unsafe stairways.

Many assisted living residents require assistance with their medication and nutrition, and they can suffer harm when the facility fails or errs in providing this help. For example, facility staff may administer the incorrect medication, or fail to provide supervision for residents who self-administer. Facility staff could also fail to provide the proper nutrition that residents need, or fail to follow health regulations when preparing the food, which could result in food poisoning.

Perhaps the most troubling cause of injuries in assisted living facilities is abuse at the hands of facility staff. Residents may suffer bodily injuries due to physical abuse, or mental and emotional injuries due to verbal abuse.

Reacting to Assisted Living Injuries

Fortunately, Illinois assisted living residents do have options to help them address issues of abuse and neglect. Assisted living facilities are included in the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, which means that residents have certain rights, and they can seek help from a long-term care ombudsman or report abuse and neglect to the Illinois Department of Public Health. Residents also have the right to pursue compensation for their injuries by working with an attorney to file a claim against the facility.

Contact a Chicago Assisted Living Neglect Attorney

At Schwartz Injury Law, we help residents of assisted living facilities and other long-term care facilities in their efforts to recover damages and hold facilities accountable for neglect and abuse. If you or your family member is suffering, contact us today at 312-535-4625 and schedule a free consultation to learn how our Cook County assisted living abuse attorneys can help.




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