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Do Burns Constitute a Form of Nursing Home Abuse?

 Posted on October 30, 2023 in Nursing Home Abuse

Chicago Nursing Home Abuse LawyerNursing home abuse is a disturbing and all-too-common issue across Illinois, targeting the most vulnerable members of our society. While many people associate nursing home abuse with physical violence or neglect, it is important to recognize that burns can also constitute a form of abuse. If you believe your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse related to being burned, contact a lawyer right away.

Recognizing Nursing Home Abuse

First, it is important to recognize that nursing home abuse encompasses a wide range of actions or inactions that cause harm to residents. Specifically, burns fall under the category of physical abuse and can result from intentional harm, neglect, or inadequate care. 

Types of Burns

Burns can occur in nursing homes due to different circumstances, such as: 

  • Scalding – Hot liquids, such as water or food, can cause scalding burns if they are served at excessively high temperatures or spilled onto residents. 

  • Contact burns – These occur when a resident comes into contact with hot surfaces, such as radiators, heating pipes, or improperly maintained equipment. 

  • Chemical burns – Exposure to harsh chemicals, such as cleaning agents or improperly stored substances, can cause chemical burns. 

  • Electrical burns – Faulty wiring or improperly maintained electrical equipment can result in electrical burns if residents come into contact with exposed wires or malfunctioning devices. 

Signs of Burn-related Nursing Home Abuse

It is crucial to be aware of the signs that may indicate burn-related nursing home abuse, including:

  • Visible burn injuries – Look for redness, blisters, scarring, or other signs of burns on the resident’s body, particularly in areas that are not easily visible. 

  • Frequent accidents or injuries – If a resident repeatedly experiences burns or has unexplained injuries, it may be an indication of neglect or abuse.

  • Inconsistent explanations – If the nursing home staff provides inconsistent or implausible explanations for a resident’s burn injuries, it should raise concerns about potential abuse. 

Taking Action 

If you suspect that a loved one has suffered burn-related nursing home abuse, it is crucial to take immediate action:

  • Ensure the resident’s safety – Remove them from the abusive environment and seek appropriate medical attention for their burns.

  • Document evidence – Take pictures of the burns and document any conversations or interactions with nursing home staff regarding the incident. 

  • Report the abuse – Contact the appropriate authorities, such as the local Adult Protective Services.

  • Seek legal assistance – Consult an experienced attorney specializing in nursing home abuse cases to understand your legal rights and options for seeking justice and compensation.

Contact a Chicago, IL Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

To take necessary aggressive and prompt legal action, contact the skilled Cook County, IL nursing home abuse attorneys with Schwartz Injury Law. Call 312-535-4625 for a free consultation.

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