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Fatal Breathing Tube Mistakes and Nursing Home Negligence

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Chicago IL, Nursing Home Breathing Tube Injury AttorneyMost would agree that nursing home staff and medical professionals have extremely demanding jobs - especially in today's world, where the elderly population is growing and nursing home facilities are chronically understaffed. Nursing home workers must always be mindful of the needs and safety of their patients because when an error or omission occurs during their care, it can have devastating consequences.

Although most can sympathize with the difficulty facing nursing home staff, this is not an excuse for substandard care or neglect. When a nursing home mistake or oversight involving a breathing tube leads to a resident's death, the nursing home may be liable for damages.

Deadly Breathing Tube Errors

Breathing tubes or endotracheal tubes (ET) are used to help a nursing home resident who cannot breathe on his or her own. The tube is placed in the resident's airway and hooked up to a ventilator. When used correctly, breathing tubes can be life-saving devices. However, a deadly mistake can occur when the tube is incorrectly inserted or secured. Nursing home staff must carefully monitor a resident's vital signs while they are intubated and recognize signs of distress. Breathing tubes can become clogged, cutting off the supply of oxygen to the resident's brain. This can cause brain damage in a matter of minutes and death soon after.

Legal Options for Families of Deceased Nursing Home Residents

If your loved one died while in the care of a nursing home because of a breathing tube problem,  you may have legal options. An experienced nursing home abuse attorney can help you determine if the death was due to nursing home negligence. If the nursing home is responsible for the death, a wrongful death claim may be the best way to hold the facility accountable. A wrongful death claim can also allow for the recovery of financial compensation for damages.

Contact our Cook County Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawyer

Nursing homes have a legal duty to provide reasonably skilled care to residents. This includes the proper use of breathing tubes. Nursing homes that fail to meet this duty can be held liable for any resulting injuries, including wrongful death.

If your loved one died because of a fatal breathing tube mistake in a nursing home, contact Schwartz Injury Law to discuss your legal options. Our Chicago nursing home injury attorneys are well-versed in breathing tube injury cases and other fatal forms of nursing home negligence. 

We understand the immense pain and confusion that you are feeling, and we will provide the legal guidance you need. Call 312-535-4625 for a free initial consultation.


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