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Frequent Bed Sores Can Be a Sign of Nursing Home Neglect

 Posted on June 19, 2019 in Bed Sores

Illinois nursing home neglect injury attorneysMany nursing home residents have physical and/or mental disabilities which limit their mobility. Residents who are not able to move themselves or who spend long periods of time in a wheelchair or bed are especially prone to getting decubitus ulcers, more commonly called bed sores. These sores are also referred to as “pressure ulcers” because the painful wounds are caused by extensive pressure to one or more body parts.

Nursing home residents who have limited mobility must rely on nursing home staff to help them prevent bed sores. When a resident is frequently developing bed sores, it may be a sign that nursing home staff are not providing the care the resident needs and deserves.

Pressure Ulcers Can Quickly Become a Serious Medical Condition

When a person with normal mobility is lying in their bed or sitting in a chair, they are able to relieve pressure on their body by getting up and moving around or changing positions. Sadly, many nursing home residents do not have this ability. They may not have the physical strength to move themselves or they may suffer from a cognitive condition which prevents them from understanding that they should occasionally reposition themselves. Pressure ulcers are not only extremely painful, they can also develop into a dangerous or even deadly medical condition. Untreated bed sores can quickly become infected and lead to cellulitis, sepsis, or even death.

How to Prevent Nursing Home Resident Bed Sores

The best way to prevent bed sores is frequent repositioning. Nursing home staff should make sure that they are helping residents reposition themselves at regular intervals so that pressure does not build up on a body part for too long. The use of special cushions and beds can also help prevent the development of pressure ulcers. Additionally, nursing home employees should ensure that residents’ skin stays clean and dry and should be on the lookout for signs that a bed sore is starting to develop.

Residents who frequently experience bed sores or have bed sores which have developed into serious wounds may be suffering from nursing home neglect or abuse. Tragically, many nursing homes across the country are understaffed or include staff members who do not adequately fulfill their work obligations. When nursing home staff neglect residents by failing to prevent bed sores, they make themselves vulnerable to a negligence claim.

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