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How Can Improper Monitoring Lead to Bone Fractures in Nursing Homes?

 Posted on September 21, 2022 in Nursing Home Abuse

Cook County Nursing Home Injury LawyerElderly and sickly residents of Illinois nursing homes are at an increased risk of many different illnesses and injuries. Because of an elderly body’s compromised immune system and slower healing times, injuries that would heal quickly for a younger person can cause serious damage and even lead to unexpected fatalities in nursing home residents. 

Some of these seemingly mild injuries that can become very serious are bone fractures. Because bone fractures are usually not as serious as outright breaks, they tend to get overlooked as a contributing factor to serious pain, loss of life quality, and increased risk of death. But it is important to take bone fractures in elderly nursing home residents seriously and to be aware of avoidable causes like nursing home neglect

Fractured Bones Can Be Caused When Unsupervised Residents Fall

While bones can fracture under many circumstances, the vast majority of bone fractures in elderly people happen when someone falls. Osteoporosis weakens bones and makes them more likely to break or fracture, making even mild falls potentially very serious. Reduced vision, balance, and energy all contribute to the likelihood of a resident falling. 

Nursing home staff are responsible for becoming familiar with a resident’s mobility level and the likelihood of falling, and for providing the appropriate supervision to ensure residents do not fall down because they have to move unassisted. While some falls are unavoidable, residents who are left alone for too long or are allowed to wander freely about the premises are more likely to be a victim of fractured bones from a fall. 

Broken Bones Increase Risk of Death Long-Term

Studies show that older people with broken bones face a higher risk of death, and that this risk does not diminish for up to 10 years. The most serious fractures and breaks tend to happen in crucial parts of the body that affect mobility, especially the hips. But non-hip fractures make up the majority of fractures and often occur in the lower body. 

Experts say fractures are often starting points for more serious health issues that persist long into the future and emphasize that the best course of action is to take extra precaution to prevent fractures altogether. 

Call a Cook County Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

If you suspect your loved one is being neglected in their nursing home, you can take action before the neglect reaches dangerous or fatal levels. And if your loved one has already suffered from a serious or fatal injury, you can take action now to hold the nursing home responsible for any neglect or abuse they committed that resulted in your loved one’s injury. Call the offices of Schwartz Injury Law today to schedule a free consultation with our experienced Chicago, IL nursing home neglect attorneys. We have handled cases of serious abuse and neglect and know what signs to look for. Call 312-535-4625 today. 



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