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How Dementia and Related Illnesses Increase the Chances of Nursing Home Abuse

 Posted on May 12, 2022 in Nursing Home Abuse

Cook County Nursing  Home Abuse LawyerDementia affects over 55 million people across the globe. The illness causes reduced cognitive function, confusion, changes in personality, and altered mood. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for about 70 percent of dementia cases.

Individuals suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease not only must deal with the physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of the illness, they are also at increased risk of abuse in a nursing home.

Abusers Target Nursing Home Residents Who Are Vulnerable

Taking care of sick and elderly residents in a nursing home takes a great deal of compassion and resiliency. It is not an easy job. Sadly, some people take these jobs for the wrong reasons. Individuals who hope to exploit or take advantage of vulnerable people may even seek out nursing home positions because it gives them access to individuals in poor mental and physical health. This is one reason that it is so essential for nursing homes to properly vet job applicants through background checks and references. Any nursing home resident can find himself or herself the victim of abuse or neglect. However, residents with cognitive decline caused by dementia may be less likely to report the mistreatment due to communication barriers and confusion.

Abuse Can Come in Many Forms

Nursing homes abuse can take many forms. Sometimes, a nursing home employee becomes frustrated by a resident’s supposed insubordination and feels the need to “punish” the victim. Staff may hit, pinch, kick, or otherwise intentionally hurt the resident. They may “accidentally” drop the resident while transferring him or her from a bed or wheelchair. Some withhold food, water, or medication from residents.

Sexual abuse is another despicable reality in nursing homes. Residents suffering from severe dementia are sometimes unable to understand or remember what has happened to them. This makes is less likely for the abuse to be discovered and reported to authorities. Psychological abuse can come in the form of intentionally frightening, upsetting, or humiliating the victim.

If your loved one was the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, you may be able to take legal action against the facility.

Contact a Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can make a nursing home resident especially vulnerable to abuse and mistreatment. If your loved one was the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home, do not wait to take action. You may be able to hold the negligent parties accountable through a nursing home injury claim. You and your loved one may also be entitled to financial compensation for medical bills and other damages.

Call the Cook County nursing home injury attorneys at Schwartz Injury Law to discuss your legal options. Call 312-535-4625 to set up a free consultation today.



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