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Nursing Home Residents With Undiagnosed Dementia May Be Vulnerable to Abuse and Neglect

Posted on in Nursing Home Abuse

nursing home injury lawyerWith the consent and involvement of the person in question, a family must often make the difficult decision to move a parent, grandparent, or other loved one into an Illinois nursing home. People may move into nursing homes for many reasons, including complex health problems that require consistent monitoring and assistance. Families may not have the knowledge or availability to provide care for an elderly loved one and a residential care facility may be the best option. 

Because residents of nursing homes are generally elderly and often in poor health, additional conditions can be expected to appear during their stay. Nursing home staff should be alert and prepared to notice and diagnose further conditions, including physical injuries and mental deterioration. But when nursing home staff is undertrained, overworked, or negligent, serious conditions like Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders may go undiagnosed. Failure to diagnose serious neurological conditions can lead to patients getting abused, wandering away, getting seriously hurt, and even dying

Symptoms of Dementia in Illinois Nursing Home Residents 

Dementia can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms often come on slowly and may be confused with general memory loss due to aging. However, common symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia include: 

  • Forgetting conversations 

  • Repeating phrases, stories, or statements 

  • Getting lost in well-known places

  • Failing to recognize staff, friends, or family members 

  • Struggling to remember the words for common objects, feelings, or thoughts 

  • Missing bill payments or struggling to manage finances 

When someone begins presenting potential symptoms of dementia, nursing homes must take this seriously and order appropriate testing. 

Alzheimer’s Patients and Nursing Home Abuse

Alzheimer’s patients are also more likely to be victimized by nursing home staff and other residents. If a nursing home does not know whether a patient suffers from Alzheimer’s, they may fail to be on the lookout for signs of nursing home abuse, including sexual abuse, financial abuse, physical abuse, and psychological abuse. Families must be wary of potential symptoms of abuse in their loved ones and, if abuse is suspected, take action right away. 

Meet with a Cook County Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

Correctly diagnosing an illness is essential for ensuring your loved one gets the help and treatment they need in their nursing home. If you are worried that someone you love is being neglected by their healthcare providers in their residential care facility, speak with an experienced Cook County nursing home neglect lawyer with Schwartz Injury Law. You can explore your options in a free consultation and we will help you take action if necessary. Call us now at 312-535-4625



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