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Improper Monitoring Can Lead to Serious Burns in Illinois Nursing Home Residents

 Posted on December 27, 2021 in Nursing Home Abuse

Cook County Nursing Home Abuse AttorneyNursing home residents often depend on their caregivers for help with every aspect of their life. When nursing home staff are negligent, careless, or overworked, nursing home residents can suffer. Families who put their trust in a nursing home may be shocked to discover how poorly their loved one is treated, or, worse, find out about negligent treatment when the consequences have already been serious or even fatal. 

One of the most common types of injuries caused by nursing home negligence is severe burns. Even small activities like drinking from a too-hot cup of soup can cause an elderly body serious injury; this is all the more true with major daily activities like showering in water that is too hot. If you are concerned that nursing home negligence led to your loved one getting burned in their nursing home, read on. 

Common Causes of Nursing Home Burns

Elderly nursing home residents often have thinner skin, reduced mobility, and diminished senses, a dangerous combination that makes them at heightened risk for burns. Some common ways residents acquire serious burns include: 

  • Exposure to scalding water during baths, showers, or hand-washing

  • Touching hot radiators or heaters

  • Smoking cigarettes 

  • Burning candles

  • Cooking or using other heated appliances like stovetops, hair dryers, curling irons, or coffee makers

  • Wandering into nursing home kitchens 

All of these incidents can be mitigated with proper supervision. Unfortunately, nursing homes are frequently understaffed and overworked. Staff burnout often leads to frustrated, tired employees and a too-high staff-to-resident ratio, causing avoidable accidents. 

Is a Nursing Home Responsible if a Resident Gets Burned? 

Although some accidents are unavoidable, if the negligence of the nursing home staff was the proximate cause of a resident’s burns, a lawsuit may hold the nursing home responsible and help other residents avoid similar injuries in the future. An attorney with experience in nursing home burn injuries lawsuits may be able to collect evidence and help victims and their families pursue justice.

Call a Chicago Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer

The consequences of failing to monitor and care for nursing home residents can be tragic. If your loved one has suffered because their nursing home failed to provide appropriate care, you do not have to feel powerless or alone. With the help of an experienced Cook County nursing home burn injuries attorney at Schwartz Injury Law, you may be able to take action and pursue justice. To schedule a free consultation and find out more about your case, call us today at 312-535-4625



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