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Protecting The Vulnerable: Filing A Nursing Home Injury Claim for Physical Abuse

 Posted on June 05, 2023 in Nursing Home Abuse

Cook County Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect LawyersNursing homes play an essential role for elderly and sick individuals. They should be places of safety and refuge. Sadly, physical abuse within nursing homes is not unheard of. When a vulnerable resident suffers harm due to physical abuse, the resident or the resident’s loved ones may be able to take legal action to protect their rights and seek justice. In this blog, we will explore the issue of physical abuse in nursing homes and explain how a lawyer can help a nursing home abuse victim seek justice and compensation.

Physical Abuse in a Nursing Home

There is no doubt that nursing home staff have a challenging job. Caring for individuals who suffer from severe physical health conditions or cognitive impairment can be exhausting. However, nursing home staff are legally and ethically obligated to treat nursing home residents with respect and compassion.

Unfortunately, not every nursing home employee upholds this crucial duty. Nursing home abuse can take many different forms, including:

  • Pushing, slapping, hitting, or pinching
  • Unlawful use of physical restraints
  • Unnecessary and unreasonable use of force while caring for a resident
  • Withholding food, water, or medication from resident
  • Sexual assault

Consequences Of Abuse

The physical consequences of abuse against a nursing home resident can be severe and even life-threatening. Pushing a vulnerable resident to the ground could lead to a traumatic brain injury, broken hip, or other catastrophic injury. In addition to physical injuries, being abused in a nursing home can have a devastating psychological impact on the victim. The victim may suffer from anxiety, fear, and depression.

Taking Action Against an Abusive Nursing Home

Abusive nursing home staff and the facilities that allow abuse to occur should be held legally accountable. A nursing home injury claim starts with contacting an attorney experienced in nursing home abuse and neglect cases. The attorney will begin gathering evidence of the abuse. This may include obtaining medical records, photographs of the injuries, security camera footage of the abuse, employment records, and eyewitness statements.

Next, the attorney will engage in negotiations with the nursing home facility’s legal representative. The nursing home may be required to pay the victim or the victim’s surviving family for medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other damages. If a settlement is not reached, the lawyer may file a lawsuit and advocate for the victim in court.

Contact a Cook County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Filing a nursing home injury claim against an abusive facility is a crucial step toward seeking justice and protecting vulnerable nursing home residents. If your loved one was abused in a nursing home, contact our skilled and compassionate Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys. Together, we can strive for a safer environment for our loved ones. Call 312-535-4625 for a free initial consultation.


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