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Urinary Tract Infections and Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

 Posted on June 28, 2024 in Nursing Home Abuse

Madison County Nursing Home Neglect LawyerWhen families entrust the care of their loved ones to an Illinois nursing home, they place a great deal of trust in the facilities and staff. Families count on the facility to provide not only basic needs but also to ensure the health and well-being of those we hold dear. Unfortunately, sometimes, this trust can be betrayed through abuse and neglect.

One potential red flag for nursing home abuse and neglect that many overlook is the presence of urinary tract infections (UTIs). But can a UTI truly indicate deeper issues within the nursing home environment? If you or your family is asking that question, it may be worth contacting an attorney. While some UTIs can happen for innocent reasons, sometimes UTIs can be a sign of a far more sinister reality.

Understanding UTIs in Elderly Residents

Urinary tract infections occur when bacteria enter the urinary system and cause infection. In the elderly, UTIs are not uncommon due to a weakened immune system, the presence of chronic health conditions, and sometimes even the medications elderly individuals take. However, frequent or untreated UTIs can signal a lack of proper care within a nursing home setting.

Poor Hygiene and Insufficient Care

One of the primary causes of UTIs in nursing homes is poor hygiene. Elderly residents might rely on staff for help with personal care, including using the toilet and bathing. If residents are not cleaned properly or frequently, bacteria can thrive, leading to infections. This situation can indicate neglect, where staff do not either have enough time or resources to tend to the residents properly or simply overlook essential hygiene practices.

Can Dehydration Cause a UTI?

Dehydration is a common issue in nursing homes that can lead to a host of problems. Elderly individuals may not always feel thirsty or may have physical limitations that make drinking fluids more difficult. Nursing home staff are responsible for encouraging and assisting residents in staying hydrated. If a resident suffers from frequent UTIs, it may be a sign that they are not receiving adequate hydration – a serious form of neglect.

What Signs Should Families Look For?

Family members should always remain vigilant for signs of neglect that might accompany UTIs. Look for physical indications such as poor personal hygiene, weight loss, or sudden changes in health. In addition to physical signs, emotional signs such as withdrawal or anxiety may also be a sign of neglect and abuse. Stay observant of your loved one’s well-being and overall condition each time you visit.

Contact Our Winnebago County, IL Nursing Home Infection Lawyer

While UTIs are a somewhat common ailment, frequent or untreated occurrences in nursing home residents can point to serious lapses in care. If your loved one is suffering from UTIs in his or her nursing home, contact our Madison County, IL nursing home infection attorneys with Schwartz Injury Law. Call 312-535-4625 for a free consultation.

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