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Warning Signs of Possible Nursing Home Neglect, Part Two: The Patient

 Posted on November 13, 2019 in Neglect

Illinois nursing home neglect attorneysThe Illinois State Police estimates that more 100,000 elderly individuals currently live in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities throughout the state. This figure is expected to increase in the years ahead as Americans are generally living longer than they did in previous generations. In fact, a recent study found more than half of American adults will stay in a nursing home at least once during their lives.

A person who requires the type of care that is offered by a nursing home or skilled nursing facility should be able to receive that care without having to fear that will be forgotten about or mistreated by the facility’s staff. Unfortunately, instances of neglect are far too common in nursing homes around the country, including in the greater the Chicago area.

Patients Often Show Signs of Neglect

A recent post discussed some of the things associated with a nursing facility that might raise concerns that neglect is occurring within its walls. Indicators of understaffing or a lack of motivation on the part of staff members should encourage you to check in with your loved one to ensure that he or she is receiving the proper care and attention.

Patients themselves can also show signs of neglect. It may be time to speak the facility’s management if your loved one:

  • Tells you that he or she is left alone for many hours at a time
  • Has missed doses of his or her required medication
  • Shows indications that he or she is not eating enough or drinking enough water
  • Is always wearing the same dirty clothes
  • Does not seem to be keeping up with personal cleanliness, especially if proper hygiene is usually a priority
  • Shows signs of poor dental care
  • Has bumps, bruises, or other injuries from repeated falls

In addition to the indicators listed above, any other signs that your loved one is receiving substandard care should be noted and reported. This is not to suggest that staff members are intentionally abusing your loved one, but negligence and substandard care can be equally damaging. More importantly, it is unlikely to stop unless someone says something about it.

Speak With a Chicago Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

Depending on how the facility responds to your concerns about the care that your loved one is receiving, you might need to enlist the help of an experienced Illinois nursing home neglect lawyer. At Schwartz Injury Law, we can help you address potential problems before something truly tragic happens. We can also assist you and your loved one in seeking compensation for any injuries he or she has already suffered. For more information, call 312-535-4625 and schedule a free consultation with a member of our team today.



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