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What Can I Do If My Loved One’s Nursing Home Did Not Treat a Wound Correctly? 

 Posted on December 16, 2021 in Nursing Home Abuse

Chicago Nursing Home Abuse LawyerResidents of nursing home facilities live there because they are unable to properly care for themselves. Physical illness, Alzheimer’s disease, and other age-related health problems make residents particularly vulnerable and dependent on the nursing home for many things – food, personal cleanliness, emotional security, and physical safety.

Not all accidents or injuries are preventable, but when injuries occur, nursing homes are responsible for treating wounds and keeping them clean. Without an appropriate standard of care, wounds can fail to heal and even get worse. In the worst cases, nursing home neglect can cause improperly treated wounds that can lead to local infections, the onset of sepsis, and even fatalities

Common Wounds Seen in Nursing Home Residents

Due to their fragile nature and frequent inability to move independently, nursing home residents are at an increased risk of injuring themselves. When a young person gets hurt, their body can frequently heal itself without complications or substantial care. Elderly people’s wounds, however, require increased monitoring, treatment, and cleanliness so soft tissue can heal properly. 

Some of the most common types of wounds that nursing home residents suffer from include: 

  • Burns

  • Cuts and lacerations

  • Exterior ulcers, including diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, and venous or arterial ulcers 

  • Bedsores

  • Post-operative wounds

Nursing home staff must constantly be on the lookout for injuries, wounds, and sores in their residents, and treat existing wounds appropriately. Any signs of infection should be taken seriously – if a wound becomes swollen, red, has pus or other drainage, there may be an infection present. A resident with an infection may also show signs of weakness, confusion, fever, and fatigue. 

How is a Nursing Home Held Accountable For Improperly Treated Wounds? 

Improperly treated wounds can develop bacterial infections that are very difficult to treat and even life-threatening. Sepsis is a common condition stemming from an infected wound that triggers a full-body inflammatory response that can lead to organ shutdown. If a nursing home fails to provide the appropriate standard of care, the victim’s loved ones may pursue legal action against the nursing home. A successful case can result in financial damages to cover medical bills, funeral costs, and compensation for loss and suffering. 

Meet with a Cook County Nursing Home Injury Attorney 

Improperly treated wounds can cause serious, long-term complications for elderly residents in nursing homes. If you believe that your loved one’s nursing home failed to give them proper care, schedule a free consultation with a Chicago, IL nursing home injury lawyer with Schwartz Injury Law. We have a clear track record of helping our clients win cases and we will give your case the attention it deserves. Call us today at 312-535-4625 and schedule a consultation in person or over the phone.



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