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Clogged Breathing Tubes and Other Mistakes Caused by Nursing Home Negligence

 Posted on June 28, 2022 in Nursing Home Abuse

Cook County Nursing Home Negligence LawyerThe degree of care and medical intervention nursing home residents need varies dramatically. Some residents are able to walk, talk, eat, and perform most functions with little assistance from staff. Others are completely immobile and require machines to keep them alive.

Breathing tubes are often used supply a resident with oxygen. The breathing tube is attached to a ventilator and serves as an artificial airway for people who cannot breathe on their own. Just like an obstruction in a throat, an obstruction in a breathing tube can prevent the resident from getting enough oxygen. Severe and fatal injuries can be caused by breathing tube clogs and other mistakes.   

Breathing Tube Injuries

Individuals in long-term care facilities may rely on breathing tubes and ventilators to live. It is essential that nursing home staff closely monitor residents who rely on breathing tubes because even a minor mishap can mean the difference between life and death. Negligent care at a nursing home may be caused by staffing shortages, poor staff training, or simply carelessness. When staff who do not promptly and adequately address breathing tube problems, the resident may suffer brain damage or death.

Improper breathing tube insertion, supervision, or maintenance can cause:

  • Clogged breathing tubes that cut off oxygen to the resident

  • Pneumothorax which is a painful condition caused by air leaking into the chest cavity

  • Lung damage caused by excessive pressure to the lungs

  • Dislodged breathing tubes which do not allow the resident to breathe normally

  • Damage to the resident’s vocal cords

  • Bacteria and other pathogens to enter the resident’s lungs leading to potential deadly infections

Holding a Nursing Home Accountable for Breathing Tube Mistakes

Breathing tube mistakes are often catastrophic. Human brains can only go a few minutes without oxygen before irreversible brain damage occurs. If a breathing tube becomes displaced or congested, the resident may sustain severe brain damage or death. Other breathing tube mistakes can cause avoidable pain and suffering and severe infections.

If your loved one was the victim of a breathing tube mistake while living in a nursing home, you may be able to hold the nursing home responsible for the harm your loved one suffered due to the negligent care. A nursing home injury or death claim may also allow for the recovery of damages. Residents and their loved ones may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

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