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Neglect and Abuse in Assisted Living Facilities

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Chicago nursing home abuse attorneysYou have probably heard many news stories of nursing home abuse and neglect. Individuals staying in nursing homes generally need a higher level of care than those at other types of facilities and are therefore more vulnerable to abuse and neglect. However, mistreatment does still happen at assisted living facilities, and it is just as unacceptable as mistreatment at nursing homes. If you or a loved one has suffered due to negligence or abuse while living in an assisted living facility, you may be able to sue for damages.

Residents May Be Afraid to Come Forward

Residents of an assisted living facility are usually slightly more independent than residents at a nursing home. They may only need limited assistance with daily living activities and are less likely to suffer from serious dementia or other memory or cognition issues. Even though they are more self-sufficient than nursing home residents, those living at an assisted living facility can still be taken advantage of and mistreated. Sometimes assisted living abuse and neglect goes unreported because the victim is afraid to speak up. Other times, residents fear that an abusive staff member will retaliate if they report the mistreatment. Other residents are simply unaware of what their rights are at an assisted living facility or put up with bad care because they do not realize they deserve better.

Examples of Assisted Living Abuse and Neglect

Assisted living abuse can occur not only between staff and residents, but also among residents themselves. In cases in which a resident is being abused by another resident, the assisted living staff have a responsibility to implement interventions to prevent future abuse incidents. Assisted living abuse can involve:

  • Emotional and psychological abuse: Abusive staff or residents may use threats and intimidation, to scare their victims. Staff may give residents “the silent treatment” or isolate them from socialization;
  • Physical abuse: Hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, and biting are all examples of physical abuse; and
  • Sexual abuse: Residents in an assisted living facility have the right to be free from unwanted touching or sexual contact.

Neglect at an assisted living facility can take many forms as well, but it often includes staff failing to provide victims with basic necessities, including food, water, and medical care, or not providing a safe environment. Another way residents are mistreated is through financial exploitation. Unscrupulous staff members at assisted living facilities have been known to steal items from residents or even take their money. Indirect financial exploitation can occur when an assisted living facility charges a resident for a service they did not receive or otherwise fraudulently charges residents.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Clients in Assisted Living Lawsuits

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