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Nursing Home Negligence is a Significant Factor in Many Stage 4 Bedsore Cases

 Posted on June 06, 2024 in Bed Sores

Will County Nursing Home Negligence LawyerStage 4 bedsores are considered an extremely serious nursing home injury. In many cases, the severe nature of stage 4 bedsores is the result of nursing home negligence. Negligence often arises from chronic understaffing, poor caregiver training, and insufficient monitoring of vulnerable residents.

When nursing home staff fail to perform routine checks, properly reposition patients, or address initial signs of skin damage promptly, minor sores can rapidly escalate to stage 4 bedsores. Since effective prevention often relies upon vigilant care practices and commitment to maintaining the well-being of residents, stage 4 bedsores are usually a sign that the nursing home facility is not doing everything it can or should do to uphold the health of all its residents.

How Do Stage 4 Bedsores Differ from Other Stages?

Here is how stage 4 bedsores differ from other stages:

  • Redness developing into deep wounds - While earlier stages involve reddening of the skin and blister-like sores, stage 4 extends deep into the muscle, tissue, and even bone.

  • High risk of complications - These ulcers present a high risk of infection and complications such as sepsis, requiring extensive medical treatment.

  • The need for urgent care - The severity and depth of stage 4 bedsores make them critical conditions, requiring urgent and comprehensive medical treatment.

The Significance of Stage 4 Bedsores in Illinois in Nursing Home Abuse Cases

The presence of Stage 4 bedsores is often a grave indicator of neglect. In Illinois, such severe sores can reflect inadequate patient care in nursing homes, suggesting the residents’ needs are unmet. Nursing homes are mandated by law to provide proper care and prevent conditions like bedsores from affecting residents. Families suspecting abuse or neglect are encouraged to file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Public Health. Victims and their families may also pursue legal action to seek compensation for pain, suffering, and medical expenses incurred due to neglect.

Contact Our Will County, IL Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

Understanding the stages of bedsores, especially the severity of stage 4 bedsores, is important in helping families identify neglect and abuse cases in nursing homes across Illinois. If you think your loved one is being mistreated, contact our Cook County, IL nursing home neglect attorneys with Schwartz Injury Law. Call 312-535-4625 for a free consultation.

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