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Three Prevalent Breathing Tube Injuries in Illinois Nursing Homes

 Posted on May 15, 2024 in Breathing Tube Injuries

Madison County Nursing Home Abuse LawyerBreathing tube injuries in nursing homes are a concerning issue that requires careful attention. For many nursing home residents, especially those with respiratory issues or those in critical condition, breathing tubes are a lifeline.  However, when these essential medical devices are mishandled, the consequences can be severe, leading to infections, oxygen deprivation, and lung damage. Suppose your loved one suffered a breathing tube injury at his or her nursing home. In that case, contacting a lawyer may be a wise decision. Your lawyer will examine the circumstances of the case and offer tailored solutions to your particular situation. 

So many law offices create the illusion of being client-focused when, in reality, they rely on questionable in-take services and are most interested in maximizing their respective bottom line. At Schwartz Injury Law, however, clients speak with real lawyers. This direct client-attorney contact can provide distinct comfort to clients, especially those navigating the often upsetting circumstances surrounding nursing home injuries. 

The Risk of Infections 

One of the primary risks associated with breathing tubes is the development of infections, such as ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). When a breathing tube is inserted, especially over extended periods of time, it can become a pathway for bacteria to enter the lungs, leading to serious and sometimes fatal infections. Nursing homes must have a responsibility to maintain strict hygiene protocols, including regular and thorough cleaning of the equipment and proper training for staff on how to minimize the risk associated with bacterial contamination. When these important cleaning standards are not upheld, infections can run rampant. 

Oxygen Deprivation Can Arise Through Improperly Managed Breathing Tubes

Oxygen deprivation is another severe complication of breathing tube injuries, which can have devastating consequences for residents. Oxygen deprivation can happen if the tube becomes dislodged, blocked, or malfunctions in any way that restricts the flow of air. Of course, prolonged oxygen deprivation can be life-threatening, leading to brain damage and other irreversible health issues. Legal actions in this kind of case may hinge on proving the staff at the nursing home failed to monitor the resident properly or failed to respond swiftly to signs of distress.

The Long-term Implications of Lung Damage 

Breathing tubes, while in many cases lifesaving, can cause serious lung damage if used incorrectly. For instance, high pressure from mechanical ventilators or prolonged use of the tube can contribute, in some cases, to lung damage, worsening the resident’s overall condition. The legal perspective considers whether the nursing home exercised proper due diligence in the care of the resident, or whether the nursing home resident was injured because of neglect or abuse. 

Contact Our Will County, IL Breathing Tube Injury Lawyers 

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