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Fall Injuries in Nursing Homes May Be Caused By Negligent Staff

 Posted on February 12, 2020 in Nursing Home Falls

Illinois nursing home injury attorneysFor a young, healthy person, falling down may only leave him or her with minor bruises. However, the older we get, the more serious falling is to our health. Nursing home residents are typically elderly or have disabilities that make them especially susceptible to injures during a fall. A fall that would only cause moderate pain in a 20-year-old could easily break the bones of an 80-year-old. When a nursing home resident experiences a preventable fall injury, it may be the nursing home staff who are to blame.

Falling Is a Major Concern in Nursing Homes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 1,800 residents lose their lives due to complications from nursing home falls each year. Falling can result in lacerations, broken bones, internal organ damage, traumatic brain injuries, and more. Even if a nursing home resident survives a bad fall, he or she can be left with terrible pain that significantly reduces his or her quality of life. Due to the frailty of nursing home residents, nursing home staff have an obligation to do everything possible to prevent fall injuries. Sadly, some nursing home workers do not take this obligation as seriously as they should.  

Determining Fault in a Nursing Home Fall Accident

Understandably, nursing homes cannot prevent every injury that occurs in a nursing home. However, the staff, owners, and managers of nursing home facilities do have a responsibility to reduce problems that can lead to residents falling. Objects that present a tripping hazard should not be left in hallways or residents’ rooms. Loose rugs should be taped down. Broken floorboards or other maintenance issues should be fixed swiftly and residents should not be allowed near the hazard until it is thoroughly resolved. If a liquid is spilled on the floor, it should be cleaned up immediately. Furthermore, safety aids like handrails, nonslip mats, and bathroom handles should be used throughout the facility.

When a nursing home does not have these types of safety precautions in place, the facility can be held liable for injuries that result from the lack of safety measures. Residents should also be assisted by staff during transportation, showering, or other activities when their physical or mental disability necessitates it. It is up to the medical and nursing staff at the facility to identify patients who are at high risk for falls and to supervise such patients properly to minimize the chances of a preventable accident.

Contact a Chicago Fall Injury Lawyer

Frequent falls can be a sign that a nursing home facility is not treating nursing home residents with the care they need and deserve. If your loved one was injured in a nursing home fall and you believe the fall could have been caused by nursing home neglect, contact Schwartz Injury Law to learn about your legal options.  Call our office at 312-535-4625 for a free consultation with a knowledgeable Cook County nursing home injury attorney.



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