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Nursing Home Negligence May Be to Blame for Your Loved One’s Fall

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Illinois nursing home negligence attorneysA small child learning to walk may get up and fall down dozens of times throughout the day without suffering any serious injuries. However, as a person’s body weakens with illness or age, falling down becomes much more dangerous. Falling is the leading cause of trauma-related hospital admissions and fatal injury among elderly individuals. If your loved one suffered a fall while living in a nursing home, you may wonder if anything could have been done to prevent your loved one’s painful injuries. In some cases, a nursing home resident’s fall injuries are directly caused by the negligent actions or inaction of the nursing home.

Nursing Homes Should Be Free of Environmental Hazards

Clutter in a nursing home is not simply unsightly, it is a major safety hazard. When boxes, medical equipment, clothing or other objects are left in on the floor, residents may trip over the objects and fall. Other environmental hazards that may lead to falls include spilled liquids, unsecured rugs, loose carpet, and electrical cords. Poor lighting and a lack of safety equipment may also contribute to resident falls.

Insufficient Assistance Increases the Risk of Residents Falling

Most nursing home residents need help performing everyday tasks, and some residents have more independence than others. One individual may be able to get in and out of bed, use the bathroom, and walk to common areas of the nursing home on his or her own while another resident may be nearly immobile. Nursing home staff should be aware of residents’ individual needs and provide appropriate care. When a resident does not receive the assistance he or she needs to safely move about, he or she may suffer a preventable fall.

Understaffing and Inadequate Supervision May Lead to Preventable Suffering

Nursing home negligence not only increases the likelihood of falls, it may also lead to worsened injuries from falling. A nursing home resident who falls may suffer broken bones, head and back injuries, and even traumatic brain injuries. If nursing home staff are not properly supervising residents, a resident who has fallen may suffer in pain for hours before someone finds him or her. Furthermore, the delay in medical treatment may exacerbate the residents’ injuries or even lead to the resident’s death.

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Nursing homes must adhere to strict regulations when it comes to safety and resident care. If your loved one suffered a fall in a nursing home and you suspect that nursing home negligence played a role, contact Schwartz Injury Law. Call 312-535-4625 today to schedule a free consultation with an accomplished Chicago nursing home negligence attorney.



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