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Nursing Home Residents Who Fall May Be at Risk of Traumatic Brain Injury

 Posted on February 13, 2019 in Nursing Home Falls

Chicago nursing home injury attorneysLong-term care facilities like nursing homes care for the most vulnerable among us. These facilities are therefore held to a high degree of accountability. Staff in nursing homes or assisted living facilities should always be on the lookout for environmental hazards that could injure a resident. A leaky ceiling which creates a puddle on the ground, for example, could cause a resident to slip and fall.

A fall like this may not seem dangerous to a healthy person, but an elderly person with compromised health may suffer serious injury from such a fall. A resident who falls and hits his or her head may suffer a concussion, the mildest version of a traumatic brain injury. Concussions can cause significant pain and cognitive problems. More severe brain injuries can cause permanent impairment.

Concussions in the Elderly Can Be Hard to Spot

Because many nursing home residents suffer from dementia or other cognitive impairments, they may not be able to report a head injury when it happens. If you have a loved one who suffered a blow to the head, make sure they receive the appropriate medical treatment. Symptoms of a concussion are often subtle and gradual, so do not rule out a concussion without a professional medical evaluation. Signs and symptoms of a concussion can vary from person to person but generally include

  • Headaches;
  • Confusion;
  • Amnesia or forgetting the injury-causing event;
  • Sensitivity to light and noise;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears);
  • Dizziness;
  • "Seeing stars;"
  • Slurred speech;
  • Cognitive impairment;
  • Fatigue;
  • Irritability;
  • Sleep disturbances; and
  • Psychological problems.

Concussion symptoms usually last several days. However, about ten percent of people who get a concussion develop a condition called post-concussion syndrome. Sufferers of post-concussion syndrome can experience concussion symptoms for months or even years.

Contact an Attorney for Victims of Nursing Home Falls in Cook County

Nursing home staff have a legal obligation to keep residents safe. When care facilities or staff are negligent, they put innocent lives in danger. One way to hold negligent nursing homes accountable and pursue compensation for damages is a personal injury lawsuit. At Schwartz Injury Law, we have the experience, knowledge, and means to provide our clients the skillful representation they deserve. If you or someone close to you was injured in a nursing home due to negligence or abuse, you deserve compensation. To speak with an Illinois nursing home abuse injury attorney, call 312-535-4625 today. We offer free case evaluations.



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