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When Falls Lead to Broken Bones: Holding Nursing Homes Accountable for Preventable Injuries

 Posted on August 18, 2023 in Nursing Home Abuse

Untitled---2023-08-18T164319.470.jpgFalls are an unfortunately common occurrence in nursing homes, often leading to devastating injuries for frail residents. While some falls may be unavoidable, many result from negligent conditions or oversight for which nursing homes should be held accountable. This article discusses how falls happen, the subsequent injuries that can occur, and how to pursue legal action if a loved one is severely harmed due to preventable causes.


Understanding the Responsibilities of Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are legally obligated to provide adequate supervision and a safe living environment for elderly and infirm residents. Preventing hazardous conditions that could lead to slips, trips, or falls. However, staffing, training, and safety protocol negligence leaves nursing home patients vulnerable to significant injuries.

When a senior suffers broken bones, head trauma, or other serious harm due to a fall in a nursing home, the facility may be liable through a personal injury lawsuit. Monetary compensation and improved safety measures are the goals of this accountability.


Factors that Contribute to Dangerous Falls

Inadequate staff supervision and training are common factors in nursing home falls that result in injury. Poor lighting, unsecured rugs, cluttered walkways, and lack of assistive equipment like grab bars and shower chairs also play a role. Failing to assess and treat underlying issues impacting mobility and balance also contributes.

Identifying and addressing every aspect of the nursing home environment and individual patient needs that could lead to falls is key. When this reasonable duty of care is not met, any resulting injuries may warrant a negligence claim.


Seeking Justice for Devastating Outcomes

Broken bones and head trauma suffered in nursing home falls can devastate seniors. Along with immediate medical treatment, ongoing complications commonly arise, requiring long-term care. Permanent loss of mobility or independence are tragic outcomes as well.

Pursuing a legal claim ensures recovery of damages for all physical, emotional, and financial losses. This accountability also presses nursing homes to implement better staffing and safety practices to prevent future harm. Though money cannot undo injuries suffered, it provides deserved compensation.


Consult a Chicago Nursing Home Injury Attorney

Proving nursing home negligence requires in-depth investigation, documentation review, and expert analysis. A Cook County nursing home injury lawyer can help you build your case. Accountability leads to safer care. Call 312-535-4625 today to get started to hold the nursing home accountable.




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